Sunday, May 8, 2016

It sneaks up on you…

It’s that day that comes around once a year. Every year you celebrate it in some way.

When you’re little, you make a card and you’re so proud to share it. You get into school and you write a little story that again you’re proud to share.

As you get older there are more cards – possibly handmade or maybe store bought as time goes by.

Even if you move to Montana as I did, it’s one of those very special days when you make that long distance phone call that you know will add to your phone bill. It’s a short call but it means so much on both ends of that call.

Back in town again, it becomes cards and visits, maybe even a weekend visit to really enjoy some quality time together.

As the end draws near, the visits may be more one-sided as you watch them doze in a chair.

Through all those years – and dreadfully missed when you live far away – it’s the hugs that are the best. That sinking into the arms of the one who has held you close from the day you were born. The one whose heartbeat you instinctively recognize from those months in the womb.

Then suddenly, it sneaks up on you. Mother’s Day. That day that you have celebrated every year in one way or another because that person has been there for you from the day you first met.

But that person is gone. That person can’t give you that physical hug any more. That hug that you loved but didn’t fully realize how much you loved until you could no longer have one.

I’ll live with just the memory of those hugs now and all of the memories stored since that day I first met my mom.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom…

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