Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How does she know?

The time has come for me to go back to work.  My husband and I are really not near retirement and it's difficult these days to manage on one income.  We managed initially with help from my previous employer and Mom, but for the last year and a half we've been managing on our own.  As our budget slowly sank and it became obvious Mom will outlive us all - :-)  - we figured it was time for a change again.

I was delayed for awhile by knee surgery and jury duty but I finally was able to start a job search.  As things began to heat up, I started changing my visit schedule hoping Mom wouldn't notice since it had been a bit weird after my knee surgery.  I also thought that she was settled enough and forgetting enough that my being there or not wouldn't matter.

So how is it that when I get a job, she ends every visit with, "You'll be back this evening won't you?". She hasn't done that since last year!  Telling her I have a meeting doesn't placate her either.  She actually gets a little pout going when I tell her I'll be back but not for a bit.  How does she know!!

I have to be realistic even though she pulls at my heartstrings.  I began my new job yesterday at Disabled American Veterans (WWW.DAV.org) and I love it!  It makes me feel close to Daddy because he served in WWII as did his two brothers.  I also have a big brother who served in Vietnam and another in Korea at the same time.  I'm sad to say that on my very first day working, we were shocked by the bombings in Boston.  The victims were not military but you can't help thinking what our service men and women go through.  I'm glad I can help them in some small way in my job.

I'm glad that I can count on Tina to take care of Mom while I'm working.  She spent some time with her at Mom's 97th birthday party.