Saturday, August 17, 2013

Things are calming down again…

Several weeks ago, the unthinkable happened!  Tina left to take a job with the County Sheriff’s office.  I dreaded the adjustment period while they find a new team to work with the residents, especially since I’m working full time and can’t get up there more than once a week.  I figured Mom’s “I can do it myself” would come out to play again.

The first week I arrived and Mom had not been bathed.  I was concerned that she had caused a problem but after investigating, I learned that the days were mixed up and someone else was bathed rather than Mom.  I was promised that she would be bathed the next day.  I knew there would be hiccups with the change but I was hopeful.
I arrived for my visit on the second week and again, Mom had not been bathed.  A young man was cleaning her room – and doing an excellent job of it!  I asked if there had been a problem with her bath.  Yep, she refused!  I guess nobody thought through the impact of assigning a young man, however nice he might be, to take care of an ambulatory 97 year old woman…  Although I did tell them if my daddy had been there instead of Mom, I would have been happy to have that young man caring for him.

I quickly requested that Mom be cared for by females only and they promised she would be bathed that day or worst case, the next morning.  In the midst of a very busy weekend, I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it up there again so I asked my sister and nieces if they could help check up on Mom to ensure she was bathed.  Love to them all for visiting and making sure it happened!
Third visit since the upheaval was this morning.  I’m very happy to say that Mom was bathed and eating a snack when Hurricane, my very soon to be five year old grandson, and I walked in.  Everyone was in the living room enjoying a game led by one of the aides.  It was so nice to see everyone calm and content – and all happy to see a little one in their midst.  He was shy but that didn’t seem to bother anyone and Mom was so happy to see him!

He did well and wasn’t too rambunctious but by the end of the visit, I could easily tell we had worn Mom out.
Will there be more hiccups?  I’m sure there will be but the good news is that they are trying.  The combination of Melissa and Stephanie today was wonderful and I immediately sent a message to let the powers that be know.  I can only hope that they stick with them or another combination of two people that works as well.